Morning Thoughts

As I do my daily morning study of God’s Word, I find out alot about myself. I am that sinner he points out that deserves death. I am the hypocrite at times spoken about. I am that one who sometimes doesn’t hold his tongue when he should. I am that one who can’t turn his cheek when struck and insulted, especially for what I believe. I am that one who lacks love for others at times.
Yes, God tells me all these things but he also tells me how his Son, Jesus, was sent down from heaven to be the ONLY bridge from certain death to eternal salvation in his heavenly Kingdom by his grace, his free grace, given to us all, if we so choose to accept and change our lives from the world to him. Jesus gives us hope and he makes us “presentable” to his father by his blood shed on the cross.
My life has been changed since I embraced Christ and established a real intimate relationship with him. I am on a lifelong journey knowing more and more about him every day by studying his Word and daily prayer. He has pointed out my weaknesses and he is changing/molding me into a better Christian. My salvation is assured, this I know. I give my shortcomings to him, and I know he is walking by my side in my walk with him. Turning to Christ doesn’t make one sinless. But when we allow Christ into our hearts, he shows us the way out of sin and sin no longer controls us. He leaves us with his Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide us every single day.
As I continue to grow, I will share what I’m shown through his Word, for he commands us to.
Are you ready to embrace Christ? Tomorrow is promised to no one…

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